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Civil Wars

Civil Wars publishes original scholarship on all aspects of intrastate conflict, including its causes and nature, and the factors which help to explain its onset, duration, intensity, termination and recurrence.

CTC Sentinel

The Sentinel is a monthly, independent publication that leverages the Center’s global network of scholars and practitioners to understand and confront contemporary threats posed by terrorism and other forms of political violence.

Perspectives on Terrorism

Perspectives on Terrorism seeks to provide a unique platform for established scholars as well as academics and professionals entering the field of Terrorism, Political Violence and Conflict Studies.

Small Wars Journal

Small Wars Journal publishes contributed work from across the spectrum of stakeholders in small wars, looking for articles from serious, authentic voices that add richness, breadth and depth to the dialog that too often occurs in cloistered venues.

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism aims to cast new light on the origins and implications of conflict in the 21st Century and to illuminate new approaches and solutions to countering the growth and escalation of contemporary sub-state violence.

Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence reflects the full range of current scholarly work from many disciplines and theoretical perspectives. It aims to give academic rigour to a field which hitherto has lacked it, and encourages comparative studies.

Terrorism: An Electronic Journal and Knowledge Base

This journal focuses on identifying warning signals of the manifold forms of terrorism in the post-9/11 era and recommend national, regional, and global strategies to confront the potential challenges to all societies.



START’s Mission is to advance science-based knowledge about the human causes and consequences of terrorism as a leading resource for homeland security policymakers and practitioners.

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