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Islamic State teach-in

10626374_789404181112551_7393311467186041445_oDate: Wednesday 15th October 2014, 3:00pm
Location: Room LG19, Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds

Who is Islamic State? How are other states responding? How should the UK respond to returning fighters?


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Conflict in Northern Ireland: 20th Anniversary of the IRA’s Ceasefire

Date: Thursday 8th May 2013, 10:00 – 15:00
Location: SR(8.49n) Worsely Building, University of Leeds

In 1994, the Provisional Irish Republican Army called a ceasefire that paved the way for the Northern Irish peace process and an end to the thirty-year conflict. Twenty years on, POLIS and the Terrorism and Political Violence Association invite you to the University of Leeds to discuss the legacy of this momentous event.

The workshop will be useful for students with an interest in conflict, peace studies and terrorism studies.

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Terrorism, Radicalisation and (Counter) Narratives

Date: Saturday 26th May 2013
Location: G.36, Baines Wing, University of Leeds

The workshop plans to bring together academics from across the country to present and discuss papers relating to the key themes of Terrorism, Radicalisation and Narratives. The event will be held in the Parkinson building at the centre of the University of Leeds Campus.

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Horizon Scanning: 21st Century Insecurities

London, June 14-16th 2013

Horizon Scanning 21st Century Insecurities was a conference organised by the Terrorism and Political Violence Association and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (48 Charles Street, London W1J 5EN).

The conference brought together academics, think-tank researchers, NGO and government officials to facilitate knowledge-exchange on contemporary and future security challenges.

3-Day Registration Fee: £120.00. Individual day registration fees: Friday: £50.00; Saturday: £60.00; Sunday: £55.00

Queries should be directed to tapva@leeds.ac.uk

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