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Terrorism Research Initiative PhD Student Network (UK)

The Terrorism Research Initiative would like to invite you to join a research network which aims to bring together academics and PhD students in the UK. While much research is conducted in these three overlapping fields, those involved in research are often unsure what is going on outside their own university department. They also wonder how their own work relates to current research developments elsewhere. To address these concerns, there exist, in some countries, a number of more or less formal networks of researchers (e.g. in Germany the network terrorism research [www.netzwerk-terrorismusforschung.de] which numbers more than 200 participants). No such network appears to be in place in the United Kingdom and some other parts of the English-speaking world. Hence this initiative by the Terrorism Research Initiative to link up researchers in the UK.

The idea is to create a clearing house where researchers can exchange information and ideas and check who is working on a topic similar or related to their own. The practical goal is to maintain, and periodically update, a list of researchers and their research topics so that those engaged in research can contact each other and, if they so desire, collaborate. In this way members of the UK research community can keep themselves updated about developments in the field and also make each other aware of upcoming workshops and conferences. For a start, potential UK participants are invited to complete the form below. The information received will be grouped and listed by the TRI Research Assistant Gordon Clubb (University of Leeds) on behalf of the Terrorism Research Initiative and made available in appropriate form to all bona fide participants.

Dr. Alex P. Schmid

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