Terrorism and Political Violence Association

Terrorism, Radicalisation and (Counter) Narratives

Date: Saturday 26th May 2013
Location: G.36, Baines Wing, University of Leeds

The workshop plans to bring together academics from across the country to present and discuss papers relating to the key themes of Terrorism, Radicalisation and Narratives. The event will be held in the Parkinson building at the centre of the University of Leeds Campus.

Provisional Programme

Introduction and Keynote (9.00 – 9.30)

Gordon Clubb, Head of the Terrorism Research Initiative Network (UK)

What Happens to the Terrorists?
Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, President of BISA and Director of the Centre for Security Studies at The University of Hull

Panel 1: Theoretical Approaches to Terrorism (9.30 – 11.00)

Liberalism, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Interventions
Surekha Talari, St Andrews

Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach
Cristina Archetti, Salford University

The Rationality of Suicide Bombing in Palestine.
Samantha Cooke,University of Surrey

Panel 2: Radicalisation and Ideology (11.15 – 12.45)

Radicalisation as Practice: a Critical Reappraisal of Counter-Terrorism Orthodoxies
Nadya Ali, University of Reading

The Feedback Loop of Radicalisation: Rethinking Counter Radicalisation
Chamila Liyanage, School of Advanced Study, University of London

Jihad and Ideology
Yulia Netesova

Panel 3: Discourse and Narratives (1.30 – 3.15)

Playboy, Freedom Fighter and Religious Fanatic: The discursive construction of Osama bin Ladin
Christina Hellmich, University of Reading

The Discourse of Defence: ‘Dissident’ Irish Republican Newspapers and the ‘Propaganda War’ 
Sophie Whiting, University of Liverpool

The Discourse of Hamas: 2006-2012
Nina Musgrave, Kings College London

Critical Discourse Analysis and Terrorism
Valentina Bartolucci, University of Bradford/Pisa

Panel 4: Counter-Narratives and Counter-Terrorism (3.30 – 5.00)

Analysis of Language of Counter-terrorism in Indonesia
Ali Wibisono, University of Indonesia/Nottingham

CONTEST: an innovative approach to counter-terrorism and its implications
Joshua Skoczylis, University of Leeds

The Terrorism Research Initiative Network Lecture (5.00 – 6.00)

Rich Davies, former Director for Terrorism Prevention Policy to the Bush Administration


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