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Publishing Opportunity: Call for Chapter Proposals

With Sage as publishers, TAPVA is currently working on a book that draws on the expertise of the network. The book, Terrorism and Political Violence: the evolution of contemporary insecurity, is being edited by Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, Gordon Clubb, and Simon Mabon, with a foreword from Alex Schmid. The book will be aimed at 1st year to Masters’ students. In the book, we aim to explore how militant groups, their supporters and the state evolves throughout the life-cycle of violence, particularly in the face of broader social change.

To this end, we invite chapter proposals from members of TAPVA. We currently have the following chapters available with possible areas for exploration in brackets, but are open to additional chapter ideas:

  • Philosophical Issues: the Right to Resist and Exist (Objectivity/Subjectivity, philosophical though on violence, orientalism and othering)
  • Global Systems of Terrorism (Old and new terrorism, waves of terrorism theory, globalisation and terrorism, systems and network theory approaches)
  • The Organisation of Terrorist Violence (Ideology and identity, organisatinal structures, tactics and strategy)          
  • Society and Supporters (Hearts and Minds, Recruitment, financing and arming, relations and types of support (impact upon behaviour), family, kinship and friends
  • Mediation and Resolution (Negotiaions and mediation, transitions and peace-processes, cease-fires, Disarmament, de-mobilisation and re-integration, spoilers and splinter groups)
  • Victims of Violent Conflict (The role of victims, child soldiers, aid, community work and projects)
  • Military Conflict (drone warfare, IEDs and targeted killings, military intervention, counter-insurgency, Diaspora groups/blowback/immigration)
  • Criminal-Legal CT Approaches (Policing and intelligence, international co-operation, counter-narratives and counter-radicalisation, de-radicalisation and prison programmes)

If you are interested in writing a chapter, please send an outline of 150 words to tapva@leeds.ac.uk by 12th January 2013. There will be a relatively quick turnaround as we will need chapters of around 7000 words by July, so please bear this in mind when considering this proposal. The book is to be published by Sage in 2014.

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