Selling De-Radicalisation


U.S. Department of Defence

“Selling De-Radicalisation” is an international research collaboration looking at the wider understanding of de-radicalisation, from how it is framed in news media to how the public perceives de-radicalisation programmes. The public’s perception of de-radicalisation programmes matters: programmes require community trust and support to facilitate reintegration; programmes need time and resources to deliver results, requiring support from politicians and the public. Yet these programmes can be prone to a backlash, where high-profile cases of re-offending give the impression that de-radicalisation has failed. The same can be said for programmes aimed at countering violent extremism (CVE) more generally – support is necessary to ensure community engagement in initiatives.

Our project, based at the University of Leeds in the Centre for Global Security Challenges, provides insight into what shapes support and opposition to de-radicalisation and CVE programmes. We engage with practitioners and organisations to deliver evidence-based advice in better communicating programmes to the public.

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